2021 Guide On Selling Your Video Games Online

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The Sony PlayStation 5 published on November 12 — and also the X Box Collection X and X Box Collection S published on November 10.

Even though retail accessibility is scarce, you can find a great deal of nextgen games accessible at Swappa Gambling. Thus, even though you did not comprehend exactly what you wanted beneath the tree, then Swappa might assist you to get exactly what you want for just less.

Alas, the PS5 along with X Box Collection X does not come cheap. But do not stress; Swappa might provide help. Selling your previous game process is an excellent solution to help finance your own upgrade.

Keep reading, once we all have a peek at the most useful places to promote your favorite video game titles for the most profit in January 2021.

Where do I obtain the maximum money for the game console?

The first thing you ought to complete would be to figure out at which you create the maximum money for the game console. Afterall, you spent a great deal of money on your own play-station 4, Xbox One, or even Switch — it’s only logical for you to obtain an adequate amount once it is time to promote!

We covered the gaps between attempting to sell to trade in apps versus attempting to sell straight to some other person. Attempting to sell your game console straight to some other man on Swappa usually means you receive paid cash, maybe not a few shop gift cards you’ll never utilize.

And considering promotion Swappa cuts the greedy middlemen, you are always going to earn more capital. However, just how much more are we discussing?

The preference is clear: Swappa could be your ideal spot to offer your favorite game console for the large money. Our safe and comprehensible market place is clear of scams and crap, and you consistently get 100 percent of their real market value for the console.

Normally, you will earn twice as much income selling on Swappa, also we keep you safe in scams that plague auction-style internet websites like eBay.

Obtain a Play-station 5 or X Box Collection X for significantly less

If you are attempting to sell your previous game console, it’s probably because you are attempting to upgrade into a nextgen PS5 or even x box collection X. Regrettably, they are nearly impossible to discover at electronic retailers worldwide, and also deficits will be expected to last up to a year!

Fortunately, You Will Find the Play-station 5, X Box Collection X, also X Box Collection S on Swappa now — for less than you would spend on eBay.

Want to understand what’s better? Our expert moderation group and strict no-junk policy mean we maintain hackers out, and that means it’s possible to buy confidently.

How far is that my game console worth?

Now we’ve covered the fundamentals, it is time to examine the raw numbers in order to learn precisely how much you can buy for the video game method.

Swappa even has you quite a little more than you’d receive on eBay while preventing you out of the hidden fees along with scams that typically plague the web auction websites.

Just how much is my PlayStation 4 value?

Now it is the right time for you to dive a little deeper into the resale worth of the many used game consoles, and also the way they have changed within a previous couple of months. Let us focus on the initial Sony play station 4.

Released in late 2013, the typical PS-4 continues to be an extremely competent game console using a gigantic library of games and plenty of accessories and features. It should really come as no real surprise that it fetches a fantastic amount in the market.

Currently, it is possible to get to have approximately $226 for the PS-4 500GB on Swappa. This really is a little lower compared to the 241 you have access to in July. This decline is most likely the consequence of the PS5 discharge, which means you ought to sell today to prevent additional depreciation.

Much more shocking is how modest you are going to receive in trade-in websites. The play-station 4 tradein value at GameStop is only $80 — just a little portion of this $226 you can get to become in Swappa. Swappa is your ideal location to find the best for the used play-station 4. Begin by clicking on the button below.

Just how much is my play-station 4 Slim worth?

Published in 2016, the play-station 4 Slim can be a much somewhat more compact variation of the play station 4. It’s appropriate for the very exact games and packs all of the very exact features — only at a smaller overall footprint.

Because of this, it will really come as no real surprise you can still get plenty of money for the used play-station 4 Slim.

Exactly like its bigger brother, then you can get to get around $223 for the used play-station 4 Slim. This is significantly less than you might easily get back in July, however a lot more than GameStop’s play-station 4 Slim tradein value of 104. Get-paid by purchasing on Swappa now!

Just how much is my PlayStation 4 Pro worth?

Released in 2016 alongside the PS-4 Slim, the play-station 4 Pro is fundamentally a super charged model of the PS-4 with a considerably quicker GPU effective at 4K gambling and simpler gameplay. Just just how far could you buy for your own favorite PS-4 Pro on Swappa?

Because you may observe, that the PS-4 Guru’s resale value has diminished throughout the past couple of months as a result of the PS5 launch.

In July you might expect to earn about $354 to your PS-4 Guru 1TB — and now, you may still expect you’ll have approximately $288 for the own used PS-4 Pro.

Needless to say, this really is finished double GameStop’s play-station 4 Guru tradein value of 140. Have more for the PS-4 Guru by attempting to sell on Swappa now!

Just how much is my Xbox Certainly worth?

Next up, we’ve got the Microsoft x Xbox One. Found in 2013, the Xbox One has been Microsoft’s entrance into the eighth-generation of video game consoles. Exactly enjoy the PS-4, the x box One is a potent game console having a remarkable games library and peripherals. How far is it worth now?

As a result of more people stepping into online gambling recently, the x box One’s resale value has ever gone up in the past couple of months. In September, the Xbox One 500GB could bring approximately $140 on Swappa.

Now, it is possible to still purchase $151 because of this, not quite 3 times as far as GameStop’s x box One trade in value of 60. Advertise on Swappa for the best on your used X Box One!

Just how much is my Xbox One S’s worth?

Released in 2016, the Xbox One S will be your bigger and more compact version of this Xbox One. It supports all of the exact games and accessories, so which makes it a fantastic alternative for all anyone interested in getting in the x box eco system.

In October you might expect to earn about $16-1 for a secondhand x box One S 500GB on Swappa. Now, a secondhand X Box One S will be worth approximately $199.

To put it differently, you could possibly have more for your Xbox now than you might a couple of months ago — and over 2 times the Xbox One S trade in value at GameStop or Best Buy. Advertise on Swappa now to find the best for your used x box One S!

Just how much is my Xbox onex worth?

The X-box Onex premiered in 2017 as a mid-cycle Re-fresh into the first Xbox One. The x box onex is significantly faster and stronger compared to the original games console, also is effective at producing 4k gambling, greater impacts, and graphic quality, and also more fluid frame prices. Just just how far could you receive for the x box onex Swappa?

Because you may observe, you may now expect you’ll acquire approximately $262 for the used x box onex Swappa — not exactly twice the GameStop Xbox onex trade in value of 140. But that is simply not as far since the 345 you might easily be in might, therefore sell now to find the maximum for the x box onex!

Just how much is that my Nintendo Shift values?

Even the Nintendo Switch premiered in 2017, also is now currently the most common eighth-generation game console. Unlike the PS-4 and x box One, the Shift is just really actually a hybrid computer keyboard that could serve equally well as a property console or portable gadget. Just just how far can you buy for the Nintendo turn on Swappa?

You may get to have approximately $325 for the Nintendo Alter now. This really is a little lower compared to the 387 you have access to in July throughout the widespread Switch shortages. However, as distribution has increased prices have steadily dropped.

Fortunately, attempting to sell on Swappa makes certain that you have the maximum out of the Change — more than double the GameStop Nintendo Alter trade in value of 140. Sell now to find the best for the secondhand Switch.

Just how much is that my Nintendo Change Lite worth?

Appropriate for the huge bulk of Switch names, the thinner and more compact Switch Lite can be really just a fantastic alternative for people that desire an excellent game console to the trail. How much can be the Change Lite worth Swappa?

You may get to make approximately $177 for a secondhand Alter Lite. This really is somewhat less compared to the 222 you have access to back in July, without doubt, influenced by the newly released nextgen consoles.

Needless to say, selling on Swappa could possibly secure you nearly two times as far because of the 100 Nintendo Switch Lite trade in value at GameStop. So exactly what exactly are you waiting for? Sell now to be certain to make the best for the secondhand Switch Lite!

When should you sell your own game console?

The Microsoft X Box Set X and Series S came on November 10. The Sony play station 5 started two weeks after, on November 1-2. As many individuals get their fingers over the nextgen systems, play-station 4 and x box One deals will last to collapse. Thus sell now to acquire the maximum cash for the used game platform!

Swappa could be the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to get and sell used technicians online. It isn’t important whether or not it has mobiles, tablets, cameras, wearables, or video games; Swappa helps you to help save money.

And as a result of our professional moderation staff which manually reviews each record until it goes, trades are as eloquent and straightforward as you possibly can. So exactly what exactly are you waiting for? Click on the button below to offer your favorite video games now!


Swappa is just really actually a secure and easy-to-use market place to trade lightly used technician. Therefore if you are selling, the amount of money remains in that your handson. Every record on Swappa is hand-screened by our professional moderation staff until it goes.

And since Swappa comes with a strict no-junk policy, buyers can be assured knowing that they have been obtaining a fully operational, softly used apparatus that is ready for usage.

Sell locally or even on the web, where you would like!

Swappa joins sellers and buyers directly, therefore there are no covetous middlemen to have a cut! Either make it repaired first or discover yet another spot to offer.

In other words, Swappa could be your very perfect spot to purchase and sell your engineering that is used. By used I phone to game consoles just such as the Nintendo Switch, x-box One, also play-station 4; the very best choice is Swappa. Click on the button below to offer your favorite video games consoles, and accessories now.


On the list is GameStop, among the very common retail possibilities for selling and buying video games consoles and games, and also a mainstay of the early 2000s. But like Blockbuster and other relics previously, you can find a lot better options today which may enable you to get more for the engineering that is used.

The same as with additional playerauctions alternative, we’re coping with middlemen, this usually means that you obtain less than what you deserve for the engineering that is used. It’s #GameOver to get GameFlop, therefore earn more by purchasing your lightly used games, consoles, and accessories Swappa Gambling.

Great Things about selling into GameStop

  • Locating a retail place is generally Simple
  • Drawbacks of GameStop
  • More covetous middlemen, less cash ends up in your palms (generally less than 1 / 2 what you would buy on Swappa)
  • Even Though you can market a few games and consoles to get actual cash, you generally buy a GameStop gift card rather
  • Maybe Not many game consoles and also variations have been approved at any given moment

Amazon Tradein Program

The Amazon trade in App is just another favorite option if you are interested in selling your game console out of the convenience of your own sofa. It’s really a secure and relatively hassle-free approach to remove one’s engineering that is used, however, there are always a couple of drawbacks which you should know about.

To begin with, this really can be a tradein App, this usually means you are not attempting to sell directly to your buyer. Rather than that, you sell your game console to Amazon, which subsequently sells your used games console to an individual buyer. To put it differently, there exists a middleman carrying a massive cut.

Afterward, there is the method that you receive money off. And Amazon? Charge card. Fortunately, you can purchase all kinds of stuff onto the Amazon marketplace, however, we’d bet that a large part of folks would prefer to acquire actual money when compared to the usual card.

At length, since Amazon’s objective is to market your game console to some other client, they’re not always on the lookout for every apparatus all of the time. As an alternative, Amazon only takes certain apparatus, which might well not be exactly what you have.

And in October 2020the sole game system they are currently accepting could be your Oculus Quest. If your individual version isn’t what they are after, then you just can not sell it with the Amazon trade-in App.

Great Things about selling Amazon

  • Safe and comparatively Simple
  • Drawbacks of Amazon
  • Amazon does not take many consoles
  • You promote to Amazon instead of straight to a purchaser so that you purchase less than half as far as you’d on
  • Swappa
  • You get compensated at an Amazon gift card rather than money
  • Acutely awkward navigation makes it Tough to find your precise apparatus


The finest Purchase trade-in App is very much like this Amazon identical we looked at above. It’s really a secure and effortless solution to remove one’s used technology — with some caveats. As you never have to sell directly into your buyer, we now have still another greedy middleman having a cut of their proceeds.

Because of this, the finest Purchase trade-in app provides you about a third as far as possible possibly might make do selling Swappa Gambling.

Great Things about selling Best Buy

  • Safe and Effortless
  • Retail stores available across the Nation
  • Drawbacks of BestBuy
  • Your market to BestBuy instead of the usual purchaser, which means that you purchase less than a third party as far as you’d selling Swappa
  • You Receive Money using a Best Buy Gift Card, as opposed to real money
  • Maybe Not all game consoles and also variations are approved at any given moment


Exactly enjoy the different options mentioned previously, Decluttr functions buying your gadgets that are used and reselling it. To put it differently, we’re speaking about a second tradein app, this means more middlemen.

Rather than attempting to sell directly into buyers, you are attempting to sell to Decluttr, and that means you will receive greater than 1 / 2 what you purchase selling on Swappa Gambling.

  • Great Things about purchasing on Decluttr
  • Get compensated in money
  • Safe and Effortless
  • Drawbacks of Decluttr
  • Like the Rest of the Tradein apps, Decluttr pays significantly less than 1 / 2 what you would earn selling Swappa
  • Maybe Not many game consoles and also versions have been approved at any given moment


Finally, we access to e bay, among the earliest & most well recognized on the web auction websites. Since eBay can be an electronic virtual auction house as opposed to resellers, sellers and buyers are attached directly. It follows that you generally get significantly more about eBay than through trade-in and buyback programs.

Regrettably, it isn’t all roses when buying e bay. By the multitude of scams into these hidden fees, you also need to be really careful on eBay.

In addition to the game consoles on average sell for approximately 8% longer on Swappa, therefore our recommendation will be in order to avoid the annoyance and sell your gently used games, consoles, and accessories around Swappa Gambling.

Great Things about selling eBay

  • sell straight to buyers instead of a freelancer
  • You can sell anything broken apparatus
  • Drawbacks of E Bay
  • a Lot of scams

Way Too Many hidden charges

  • No lint listings
  • Game consoles generally market 8 percent longer on Swappa

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