What Cannabis Laws Are All Around The World

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Several parts of North America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America have decriminalized cannabis and made it legal for medical use. However, it is still illegal in the Middle East and Asia. Every person who uses cannabis should be aware of these laws, especially if they are traveling or relocating to another country.

This article is a compilation of mail order marijuana laws from around the world, as well as a quick reference guide. As a result, whenever you visit a new region, you should take a quick look to see if you are allowed to use cannabis freely there.


In some European countries, cannabis use is currently legal or decriminalized in various stages. Czech Republic, Portugal, Russia, Croatia, Spain, Ukraine, and Switzerland are among these countries. It is, however, still illegal in the rest of Europe.

By vaping discreetly, you can avoid the possibility of being randomly caught in a cannabis search. However, the smell of cannabis continues to divide people, and if you are caught in an area with strict anti-cannabis laws, you may face legal consequences.

The European cannabis debate stops just short of Turkey. Although Turkey is beginning to relax its prohibition on cannabis, it is still advised that you do not bring it with you when visiting the country.

If it is in small quantities and clearly stated that it is for personal use, European police may also turn a blind eye to weed. If you have a large amount of cannabis on you, it may appear that you are trying to sell it, and this is something you should avoid. If you buy cannabis in Europe to share with a group of people, you should divide it into smaller amounts as soon as possible before the police search.

Caribbean and the Americas

Cannabis use is either legal or illegal in the United States and Canada. Even in states where it is completely legal, it is highly recommended that anyone visiting such countries remain discreet, just as it is in Europe.

Despite the fact that cannabis is legal in the United States, some people in the Americas and Caribbean may object to the smell of it when it is smoked or vaped around them. When you get to the south of the United States, things get a lot more complicated, so be cautious.

South American countries are more accepting of marijuana, as many have decriminalized possession of the drug, despite the fact that sales and cultivation remain illegal.

Jamaica is the only country in the world where cannabis use is accepted as part of the culture. Other nations are either legal, semi-legal, or unrecognized (so long people are discreet with it). Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Belize, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay are among the countries where it is currently legal, semi-legal, or illegal.

When traveling outside of Jamaica, carry small amounts of cannabis, just as we did in Europe. In addition, emphasize that it is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Asia and the Middle East

When visiting these areas, the best thing to do with cannabis is to stay away from it. Except in South Korea, where it can only be used for medical purposes, cannabis is currently illegal in these countries. There is also a rumor that it is legal in North Korea, but due to the country’s lack of access to information, this is still up for debate.

In the Middle East and Asia, most people still regard cannabis possession as a serious crime, while others completely disregard it. It is illegal to touch cannabis in some countries, including Singapore, Turkey, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Japan.

In countries like India, Laos, and Cambodia, it may be legal to use cannabis. Also, keep in mind that foreigners should not expect to be treated any differently than locals. If you visit these areas, be sure to research the peculiar cannabis status of the countries you visit and follow the rules.

When traveling to Asia or the Middle East, it’s best to leave your stash at home because both forms of the plant are still illegal in these areas (medical and recreational).

Africa, Australia, and New Zealand

In Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, recreational cannabis is prohibited. Australia, which first legalized medical marijuana in 2016, is still at the forefront of global cannabis reform. Within the cultures of the local Australian people, cannabis was decriminalized and tolerated.

The enforcement of marijuana-related laws in Africa is ineffective. If you’re caught with it, especially in Nigeria and Ethiopia, you could face serious consequences. In comparison to other African countries, South Africa is the only country where cannabis is legal, yet consumption is still not encouraged.

Lesotho and Zimbabwe have authorized cannabis production for medical purposes, and other countries are considering doing likewise. Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Malawi, and Kenya are among these countries. These countries will have a better chance of decriminalizing cannabis in the future.

“How about those who live in Antarctica?” you might question. People can do whatever they want because it is a kind of lawless place. However, please be cautious regarding cannabis possession when there, as there may be certain cannabis-related restrictions that you are unaware of.

In conclusion

Unlike in the past, many of these areas that may appear to be unfriendly to cannabis are now beginning to explore the plant’s medical benefits. Yes, many of these countries are still conservative, but the youth are reading about marijuana’s benefits and researching it.

They may be cautious for the time being, but experts think that cannabis has a bright future in these areas. North American countries provide an excellent example, where cannabis may still be outlawed at the federal level but is legal in individual states. People are gradually becoming aware of the value cannabis provides, allowing countries and regions to accept and legalize cannabis.

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