The Best Haunted Houses in the USA

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Have you ever been to the scariest haunted houses? I can guarantee you that you will have a blast. These homes are often set in the middle of an ancient community and have hundreds of haunted stories attached to them. These homes take you on tours through dark alleys, into old buildings that are crumbling, and right down to the bottom floors where the actual homes are located. All of this is accompanied by Halloween sounds, fog, and a creeping staircase.

Bennett’s Scary House in Baltimore, MD has been known as one of the scariest haunted houses in America since 1983. This seven-story structure is the actual location of the original Bennett’s pub. If you have ever been to the real location, you know that this is not a place that you want to go to for a Halloween party or to trick-or-treat. In addition to the actual haunted house, the entire basement is now used as a restaurant called The Witch’s Grotto, themed after the original hotel.

Along with four floors of haunted house fun, The Witch’s Grotto also offers dining, bowling, live entertainment, and karaoke. On top of all of that, The Witch’s Grotto is also home to two full bars, a gift shop, arcade, video game room, and an indoor spa.

The attraction itself is located in the woods surrounding Bennett’s Shops, in Woodridge, Maryland. There are two areas in total for Scariest haunted house in Ohio: The Cabin and The Farm. The Cabin is home to the actual building, while The Farm is basically a small town of around twelve or so houses that have been relocated to the woods to avoid being sold to developers.

In addition to the actual haunted attractions, both areas feature many other things to do, such as riding the railroad tracks, hiking, picnicking, shopping, dining, and visiting with the resident characters. The farm itself offers attractions such as haunted houses and miniature golf.

This is one of the top five scariest haunted attractions in the world. It’s located in Eatonville, North Carolina, right near the famous Appalachian Trail. Every year for the past fifteen years, The Haunted Hathaway has been bringing thousands of visitors into this amazing attraction, along with hundreds of wild, crawling mosquitoes!

The Forest of Fear is located within the greater Atlanta area. It’s also known as “Haunted Farm Place” and is known for its” Creepy Village”. This attraction features three interconnected buildings (the aforementioned barn, cabin, and the “13th gate”) plus various other “crawlspaces” and interactive exhibits. These attractions are filled with creepy crawlers, spiders, monsters, millipedes, and a whole lot more. What makes The Forest of Fear one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia is that it’s also home to many other activities, tours, and nightlife.

A definite must-see in the” Hawkshead State Wildlife Refuge and Invasive Species Program” is the “Manor House”. It is a former tuberculosis Sanitaire constructed during the 1940s as an escape tunnel for biological warfare agents. If you dare to enter the manor house, be sure to dress up! This attraction is filled with chills, creepy crawlies, giant insects, and very blood-soaked history. During the night, a steady stream of spirits strolls through the house, accompanied by a ghoulish circus of sound and light.

A must-visit in the list of scariest haunted houses is the “St. Lawrence House”. Built in 1840, this historic house is located on a peninsula overlooking Lake Lanier. You’ll find a local connection here, as the house was built just before the bridge across the lake was built so that only one side of the peninsula was accessible to local boats.

You’ll also be in for a treat as you tour the grounds, as a portion of the house is actually connected to the grounds. Here you’ll experience a “creepy” series of attractions, including the infamous “Manilow Lookout” (this can only be seen if you’re lucky enough to be accompanied by a licensed guide).

For those looking for a truly scary getaway, nothing can match the Scary Maze World Tour in Lithia Springs, Georgia. You’ll not only get to tour the world’s scariest mines (which are actually underground), you’ll get to experience firsthand the very haunted secrets of the area. Also, this attraction is the only one of its kind in Lithia Springs, so you’ll get the opportunity to learn firsthand about the area’s history. You can book your tour online ahead of time, and the best haunted houses in the area don’t disappoint. This tour will have you coming back again to experience the best in terror!

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