What You Should Know About Hiring A Bodyguard?

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Many clients overlook this, but at the end of the day, risk is risk, regardless of how it manifests itself. When deciding who needs a bodyguard, planning travel, completing a risk assessment, or preparing an executive protection operation, the possibility of injury or illness should be taken into account. A dedicated medic should be part of every squad. If the principals include children, the amount of medical support necessary will range from basic first aid to a paramedic or perhaps specific team members with pediatric medical skills.

Be aware that there is a substantial difference in training and capability between basic first aid and EMT (emergency medical technician) and eventually paramedic. If a client or principle has a history of serious medical comorbidities or conditions, it is strongly recommended that the greater clinical skill set of a skilled EMT or paramedic be considered.

What other dangers must an executive protection agent be aware of?

When Do You Work With a Client?

When seeking residential security services London, clients typically think of physical dangers, which is understandable; nonetheless, the role encompasses much more.

It can sometimes mean literally protecting the main client from themself. VIPs, like everyone else, are capable of making judgments that jeopardize their public image. If they are well-known, they are even more vulnerable since others (such as paparazzi) may be following or stalking them, waiting for them to make a mistake.

A skilled agent will be on the watch for such dangers and will discreetly intervene and provide a recommendation to the client that may help the customer avoid future problems.

What Role Does Local Knowledge Play in Executive Protection?

Local expertise is essential. Executives or VIPs who require a bodyguard will frequently travel with their core security team, but this should always be complemented with someone who is familiar with the area.

As we noted in a recent post, most suppliers will work with a local partner as necessary. If your potential supplier claims that they can service you anywhere in the world without using local partners, be skeptical because the service will almost certainly be a compromise.

What Does an Executive Protection Agent Need in Terms of Insurance?

Most service providers will be covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance. They will usually provide travel insurance for its employees.

If the provider also provides medical services, it’s a good idea to double-check that they have medical indemnity insurance.

What Kinds of Contracts Should We Make With an Executive Protection Agent?

In most circumstances, you should request that the provider sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that protects both the provider and their staff. If you don’t have a corporate NDA, your provider can produce one that is appropriate for the project.

Furthermore, putting together an agreed-upon Scope of Works agreement is always a smart idea. The scope of work should specify the duties as well as any assets (people, cars, etc.) that will be used.

What Should We Know About Firearms in the Context of Executive Protection?

The employment of weapons for security details depends on the location. It is unlawful for operatives to carry firearms in some countries, such as Australia or the United Kingdom, although it is permitted and customary in the United States.

When we travel to a country where carrying weapons may be allowed, we will work with or recruit local operatives who have the proper licenses and skills to do so. This may entail including off-duty police personnel in the team.

In any case, follow your provider’s advice on this.

What factors do Executive Protection Agents use to determine their fees?

To calculate executive protection and risk management fees, providers must consider a wide range of factors. Location, time, the intricacy of the task(s), assets necessary, level of threat (perceived or otherwise), type of client(s), whether or not family protection is involved, and many other factors can be considered.

In some circumstances, the service supplied is quite basic and has a standard pricing, while in others, the price is set on a customised basis.

Another important consideration is timing. Different firms have different standards, but we use a three-tiered structure in ours: is it important (12 hours notice), urgent (1-3 days notice), or normal (4 days notice or more)? The costs vary depending on the service.

However, be wary of choosing a supplier solely on the basis of price. A low-cost provider can be that way for a reason. They might not have the experience or even the confidence to compete with your other prospects, therefore they’ll charge accordingly.

Should I meet the team before starting operations?

Wherever possible, a provider will introduce you to the security team ahead of time, but due to other project commitments, this may not always be possible. In these situations, you could request the team members’ bios for review.

At the end of the day, you should trust your executive protection provider to put together the right team for you.

What Kind of Preparation Should Clients Make for an Executive Protection Mission?

While having a security detail may appear to be simple, it does require some getting used to. When working with a new team, even someone who knows they need a bodyguard may need to make some adjustments.

A simple briefing of the major client at the start of an operation will usually suffice. The team may be introduced and some basic protocols may be provided during the briefing. Additional protocols or ‘actions on’ will be available to team members, but the client will not need to be aware of most of them.

What the client needs to know the most is what will happen if a threat happens.

In some circumstances, more thorough planning is required. This could include ‘contact drills’ or a car switch rehearsal, but this is normally reserved for high-risk circumstances or high-profile persons.

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